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ByByPoo is a locally  owned  & operated professional pet waste management service.  We clean up dog poop for residential & commercial properties located in Pinellas  County  Florida.  We  are  licensed,   insured  &  certified  in  waste  removal & disease  control  and  that makes  us  number  #1  in  the  #2  business!  We  care  about  your  beloved  pets  safety first ensuring  no disease transfers  from  yard  to yard. We  do  this  by cleaning  and  sanitizing  our  shoes  &  equipment   after  each yard  is  cleaned.  

Commercial   properties, Cities &  Dog Parks  can resolve complaints about dog poop left on grounds by hiring a pooper scooper.  We supply  references  on  request  &  along  with  quotes      

Say....Bye  Bye  Poo and reclaim your back yard!


A scoop  service add on. We call it Valet Scoop for fun but it is still ByByPoo. It is a valet trash service for apartment  communities or HOA’s. ValetScoop supplies 13 gallon waste bins for  collection from residents apartment  homes. Daily,  Monday- Friday the bins contents  are  collected by our concierge and delivered to the onsite dumpster.  After collection,  bins are taken inside by residents each day to prepare and present for collection the following  day. There are many different kinds of bins available in the market including  outdoor benches  which are visually pleasing. Possibilities  are  endless.  Service starts as low as $9 per door per month. That’s less than 50 cents a door per visit. No more forgotten  trash  bags  sitting  outside  apartment  doors . No  more  residents  leaking  garbage onto  their  business  suits  or  clothes & no more driving  smelly  trash  to  the  dumpster on the hood of their cars or in  their trunks. Stop  those complaints  about  garbage at the neighbors door  before  they  start  with  valet  trash  concierge  services.  Imagine how  happy your residents will be with this as  an  amenity &  happy  residents  equal  less costly unit turnover giving you a greater return on investment. Check out  our appointments page for a free quote.  


* Commercial & Residential.

* Pet waste management.

* Pet waste station sanitizing & service.

* Pet waste scooping  service.

* Bucket  Service  &  removal.

* Spot enzyme treatment & deoderizer.

* Deoderize whole yard, decks & sidewalks    

* Apartment  Comunities,  HOA’s.

               *Door  to  Dumpster  Valet

               *Waste  station  sanitize  & maintenance


* Dog Parks.

* Beaches.

ByByPoo, LLC is educated and certified in disease control  and pet  waste cleanup through ProVetLogic Professional Education. 

Questions? bybypoo@mail.com 

Dog waste station maintenance. We sanitize and keep your stations clean and full of bags.

Service Areas

Seminole, Largo, Tarpon Springs. East  Lake  Woodlands, Palm Harbor, Tierra Verde,  Clearwater,  Crystal  Beach,  Oldsmar,  Eastlake, Safety Harbor, Dunedin, Clearwater Beach, Largo,  Beaches, Indian Rocks Beach, Beaches, Seminole,  The  Jungle,  Neighborhood, Belleair, Belleair Beach, Madeira Beach, St Pete Beach, St Petersburg, Saint Petersburg Beach, St Petersburg Beach,  Gulfport,  Pinellas  Park,  Pinellas County Florida  and  Oldsmar.  

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