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About Us


Rescue pups and dog poop scooper employee.

  • Kristin  retired  from  Pinellas  County  Housing  Authority in 2019.  After 16 years at the housing authority, in the accounting field, a new passion came to light and environmental concerns were the driving factor to  take  on  a  serious  threat  to  our drinking  water  and  polluted  waterways.  Fecal  coliform  aka  Dog Poop is a serious issue in landlocked Pinellas  County. All over Florida,  groundwater contamination, including  Fecal Coliform is an ongoing issue on beaches and in groundwater. It is her goal to help improve those environmental concerns through a pet waste management service. She strives to do this by servicing commercial apartment communities, parks, beaches, businesses and residential homes.

Mr. Inspiration

Dog waste scooper inspiration. Keep your pet waste stations and grounds sanitized so your pets and children are safe from disease.

  • In honor of Seamus 12/21/2002-12/12/2019 RIP my sweet fur baby! I love you!! This photo is of Seamus. 6 pounds of bigger than life personality.  I adopted Seamus in 2015. It was love at first sight. He was in rescue for two years, a difficult case because he was an elderly dog with thyroid disease, arthritis, seizures, five sharp little teeth and a bad attitude. While he has never bitten me I hear his bite is a force to be reckoned with. He currently takes 10+ pills two times a day and gets acupuncture once a month.  Everyday he wakes up at 5am squeeking his toys happy as if to say woohoo a new day to love.  He is so adorable and spreads such happiness  that he is the inspiration for the business  & logo! Seamus helped me see the world in a different light and is my inspiration to making yards a safer and cleaner place for pets and children to play in; one yard at a time.

Why Choose Us

Scooping dog poop automobile. The bybypoo mobile serving Pinellas County.

  • We love pets. We love the earth. Of course we believe everyone should have a pet because of the unconditional love & happiness they provide.
  • With careers, errands, family, & pets; scooping poop is the last thing pet owners want to do after a long day. Let us take the scooping off your hands.
  • Why choose ByByPoo? We want to scoop the dog poop so you don’t have to!
  • Locally owned and operated.  ByByPoo  is a proud member of A.P.A.W.S, The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists. 


We are dog poop scoopers. Thank you CB for always being in my corner.