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Residential Service Agreement (Some Guidelines)

1. Pet Waste Scooping: ByByPoo  LLC. hereby agrees to pick up pet waste from the  address/location  as  provided.   Service will occur on (days and time window here): 


2. Billing – Services are paid weekly or  monthly in advance. Unless  otherwise  arranged we  will  place  new  customers  on  monthly  pre-billing  service.  At the end of each pre-paid period a new invoice will be emailed for the next week  or  months  service.   the new  invoice  will  be  sent  through  email  at  least  2-5  days before  the  end  of  the  service  period. Invoice  is due within  2 days of receipt. We  accept  Visa,  Mastercard, Amex,  Paypal,  &  Cash.

3. Dogs – Dogs will be placed away from the service area during service time windows.  We  love  your  pets  but for  insurance  reasons we  err  on the  side  of  caution.  If dogs are in the service area upon Bybypoo‘s arrival we will first try and contact the client. If unable to make contact that days service will be forfeited.  Bybypoo will return on the next scheduled service day. 
4. Missed Waste – Satisfaction guaranteed 100% or we  will return within 24 hours  and make it right.

5. ​Service Access - If gates have locks please provide a means of entry during service times.

6. ​Lawn -  please insure grass is mowed regularly and growth trimmed back to receive the best service. Ankle to shin high grass is acceptable. Knee high grass is not and impossible to find pet waste in. 

7. ​Weather – Bybypoo  works in  rain showers & heavy  downpours; unless there is lightening or hurricanes  are  present. We will schedule a make-up day should service have to be skipped.

8. ​Cancellation – If service is no longer desired please notify Bybypoo  3 days prior to the last day of the service agreement.

9. Pet waste disposal - Bybypoo technicians  will double bag the waste and place in customers trash receptacle in a discreet black bag. We do offer waste removal for  a  small  service fee. See menu  of  services.  Please let us know if that would be something of interest to you.

10. Office Closure - Bybypoo closes its doors twice a year for vacation/scooper  convention. Once in In the  fall an another after  the  new  year.  During those times we offer 2 options. If you decide to scoop yourself while we are closed the  missed days of service will be credited  to  the  customers  next  monthly  billing  statement  at a pro-rated daily rate based on customers monthly charges  and  days  of  service  per  month; otherwise we will scoop it all when we return.  Clients will be notified by text  or email  of the exact dates 2 weeks prior to the vacation closing.
11. Consumer Reviews - ​Bybypoo,  LLC prohibits and will demand removal of consumer reviews containing a) confidential or private information; b) harassing, ​​abusive, obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, or inappropriate with respect to race, ​​ national origin, gender, sexual orientation, sex,  age,  disability, handicap  or any  personal   disparaging hateful remarks.  c) unrelated to the ​​company’s business practices. d) Are misleading. Please refer to the Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016 for more information.
Thank you for choosing  Bybypoo, LLC   for your pet waste management needs. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to text or call us at:  (727 ) 515-1414.